What we can do for you:

We can get your website on to the 1st page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing for the search terms you want. Being on the 1st page of organic search results is the best way to grow your business at the lowest cost.

What is our Advanced SEO?

Our Advanced SEO is Targeted Link Building + Advanced Onsite Optimisation + Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing + Mobile SEO Optimisation + Local SEO Optimisation.

We do all these activities in a bespoke manner so your site has its own unique and bespoke Advanced SEO strategy.

All this costs only €200 per month for 30 keywords, with no fixed term contract and it's Ireland based.

Why use our Advanced SEO?

Google now wants each site to have its own bespoke Advanced SEO strategy.

Our Advanced SEO provides this bespoke Advanced SEO strategy for your site. We do this by going beyond traditional link building and include additional activities such as social media signals, content marketing, local and mobile search optimisation etc. We do all these additional activities in a bespoke manner so your site has its own unique and bespoke Advanced SEO strategy.

All this means our Advanced SEO keeps you ahead of your competitors’ old fashioned SEO link building and basic onsite optimisation. This gives your site Domain Authority, more secure first page rankings and keeps your site in line with Google’s algorithm and its latest updates.

About Us and Why we’re different

We’re based in Dublin, Ireland. We don't want to be another faceless overseas SEO company.

We provide the best and most up-to-date Ireland based Advanced SEO service at the actual price it should be with a no fixed term contract. Unlike other SEO companies who’ll charge you many €1,000's per month and tie you into long term contracts for a lower quality service done from outside Ireland.

You will have your own dedicated account manager who you can call or email during Irish working hours. This means we provide full reporting and 100% transparency of what we're doing. English is our first language so you can easily talk and work with us. Many SEO firms are not even based in Ireland so working with them can be difficult and it's hard to know what they are actually doing due to the distance, time lags and poor communication.

Being close to you here in Ireland means we can formulate and update your Advanced SEO strategy quickly and on a regular basis. You don’t get this with remote SEO agencies outside Ireland who don’t understand Google’s latest updates, the Irish SEO industry or your Irish business.

We’ve gained extensive experience in the Irish and UK SEO industry over the past 4 years and can provide examples of our work and references.

Why don't you try us?

You can trial our services for just €200 per month and when your website gets on to the 1st page of Google you'll have a significant boost in your traffic and sales. When this works you can continue to use our services by just paying €200 per month. You can then sit back and watch your traffic, leads and sales grow. Organic 1st page Google rankings are the best way to grow your business at the lowest cost.

With us there are no upfront fees and no fixed term contract so unlike other SEO companies, who charge large upfront fees before they even start work or tie you in for a year and don't meet your expectations, you can keep us for as long we deliver the results and it works for you. This means we have to quickly get you on to the 1st page of Google and keep you there.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Advanced SEO. We look forward to making your website a success.

Please feel free to give me a call on +353 (0)76 680 1455 or send me an email at: neil@irelandseo.eu.

Neil & The IrelandSEO.eu team
IrelandSEO.eu, Dublin, Ireland

About Neil

Neil is an expert in SEO and has helped many businesses in the Ireland and UK, US, Brazil and Australia get on to the 1st page of Google. He worked at eBay where he became an expert in ecommerce, internet marketing and SEO to maximise eBay's marketing Return on Investment. He developed many of eBay Ireland and UK's marketing analysis tools to allocate and spend eBay's marketing budget. He has many contacts in the internet industry. He's a graduate of Cambridge University.